About Fallon Seabrook™ 


Fallon Seabrook™ is the safe haven for young girls, teens & women fighting through adversity & deliberate aggression towards women.  This safe haven was started by Fallon Seabrook™, the adversity warrior of domestic violence abuse, drug abuse, and sexual abuse. Within this safe haven, it’s her promise that every woman & teen girl that connects with her will never have to worry about a story being shared, or a secret being told, and can get help with being okay with every decision made during their times of unexpected life trials.

Fallon Seabrook™ is growing daily; the passion and purpose that Fallon puts into the ladies she works with is desirable and welcoming.  She remembers what its like to “have to feel” and turn yourself numb during any of those situations.  It’s very important that women feel loved and not alone fighting through circumstances that they are in.  Fallon is ready to give her love.