When you think about a woman, you think about her beauty, her strength, her decisions, her legacy.  When you think about Fallon Seabrook™, you can’t help but to wonder what level of strength it took her to take herself from her past, choose to give herself life, and continue to live – all so she can birth her beauty, strength, decisions, & legacy. 


The breakdown of her strength may seem unbearable to even read, but it’s Fallon’s truth.  Her truth has finally gained its power.  More importantly, Fallon Seabrook has positioned herself to be the motivational speaker, author, & philanthropist that will talk about all of her experiences from her traumatic past.  Her desire to help redirect the life of a Young Girl & Woman needing to escape domestic violence, sexual assault, & drug abuse is what gives her the courage to finally speak & share her story like an adversity warrior.


Fallon’s misunderstanding of what a “relationship” looked like was given to her at an early age.  Even witnessing her parents’ marriage dwindle was hard for her.  Their marriage eventually ended with Fallon and her sisters being raised in a single-parent home with their mother.  Her father decided she wouldn’t have a complete home with him there guiding her through life.  Her father’s decision to end his previous marriage, coupled with his decision to not allow and have Fallon and her sisters attend his wedding -- with his new wife – opened Fallon’s traumatic teen & young adult lifestyle she had no idea awaited her. 


Fallon’s father remained in her life, but his presence was often to save her from the multiple, occurring dangerous situations she continued to find herself in with men.  For years, she mimicked unhealthy relationship behavior with guys she’d meet from online communities.  Fallon found herself in her 1st unhealthy situationship at 16.  She’s left with the memory of having to live through having her first love be a 23 year-old-man that emotionally & physically harmed her on large & small scales.  Leading her into the life experience of fighting through four domestic violence relationships – all before the age of 21.


The situationships she found herself in over the next few years with these men led her to relive similar experiences of losing love she’d seen before.  Reliving the feeling of having a mate leave for another woman, and it happening to her this time was the least of her trauma.  With every relationship she had, there was an added layer of life forcing itself on her to learn. 


Fallon got tied into experiences that could potentially break a young girl down and end her life, but Fallon kept being a warrior.  The time she was involved with a boyfriend that put her in the middle of a drug deal -- with the police -- gone wrong -- was an eye opener for her; but even with that level of trouble, she continued her lifestyle of trauma. 


After revisiting a domestic violent relationship, Fallon started to see that she was tired of the aggressive arguing and mistreatment from the wrong men…ending the last argument she’d ever have with a man from her traumatic past, led her to a man that was the complete opposite of what she’d dated before.  Fallon and this caring soul related to one another from all of the experiences life had thrown at them individually.  These connections and much more led to the healthy marriage of Fallon and her husband where they committed themselves to each other in September 2010.


Life experience titled Fallon Seabrook™ an adversity warrior.  From birth, doctors said she wouldn’t have a life worth living; she fought to make it through seizures and other challenges during infancy & childhood.  Her father and selfish men decided she wouldn’t have the complete experience of growing up and developing healthy relationships to remember, but she fought to have a happy, healthy marriage with a man & daughter she loves. 


Even situations outside of the relationships Fallon chose, she had outside problems to work through.  Her career & workforce world stood against her every time she had a job; but she fought her way to entrepreneurship.  In 2017, she decided she would begin to tell her traumatic story, but was only going to tell it from the adversity warrior’s perspective and no longer the domestic violence, sexual assault, or drug abuse victim life tried to tittle her as.  


Fallon fought her way through emotional & mental abuse from family members, life-threatening harassment over gang controversies, molestation from friends of the family, homelessness…human trafficking…stripping…selling her body…doing drugs…selling drugs, and two near death experiences. 


Fallon Seabrook is a fighter, the adversity warrior, who’s fight against domestic violence, sexual assault, and drug abuse will be heard – without a fight standing a chance against it.